Vacuum Division

Ballast Removal Service

Crawford Roofing Corporation uses modern ballast (gravel) removing systems in our operations.  The removal of non embedded material prior to a roof replacement ensures a cleaner and smoother roof replacement process by limiting the potential for dust migration.  This effective process also allows us to identify and remedy key areas of your roof prior to commencement of repairs or replacement

Roofing ballast (gravel) removal is a difficult proposition. Roof replacement requires ballast removal, but removing thousands of squares of ballast by hand is daunting – and expensive. Using an industrial vacuum for roof ballast removal helps us reduce cost and provide far better service for customers.

With the powerful vacuum system we use, we are able to pull material hundreds of feet, it is ideal for fast, safe and efficient ballast removal, even from multi-story buildings. Our vacuum system pulls material into the baghouse, from which it is then dumped into a container for disposal.

Multiple filter bags capture dust from ballast, improving worker safety and job site air quality.

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